Quick Update

Hi all!

I just wanted to alert you all to two other blogs that I have:

anniedurian.tumblr.com– my general Tumblr, where I reblog various things. Right now, I’m really into reblogging Chris Evans gifsets and photos, as well as various neurodivergent activist stuff, but it does vary. I’ve been busy at work and trying to rewatch Orange is the New Black and so am avoiding season 3 spoilers, and so I haven’t been on so much lately, but that may change.

deadpooldoesthings.tumblr.com– Wherein I take my Deadpool Funko plushie to do various activities. As of now he has eaten chimichangas at Baby Bo’s Cantina, gone to the beach, and done chores, among other things. I can’t take him everywhere with me, so I’m not currently sure how frequent these pictures will be, but there will be more to come, including a trip to LA!

And that’s that for now. Please follow if you can!