Hanya Yanigihara’s A Little Life: A Review

Hi all!

I co-wrote a review for Wellesley Underground, a blog I occasionally contribute to. You can read it here.

I’ve still had some life stuff going on, but I have more writing coming up soon! I plan to get into it more, so watch this space.


It’s Been A While…

Sorry I’ve been so bad with this. Summer really just came and went, and I am currently in the process of packing and moving– within New York City, but it’s still very stressful.

I’ve still been writing, albeit slowly, and a piece of mine went up on The Billfold yesterday! You can read it here.

I’ll get around to maybe writing in this more when/if things calm down. In the meantime, I’m somewhat active on my Tumblr still, and I have a few pieces in the works– I’ll definitely post here if they go up!

A bit late…

…but I got published in the Toast last week! You can read it here. Writing it and seeing it get published and all the reactions to it have been an adventure. Thank you all for all your support!

And for those who are discovering this blog through that, welcome! I know I’m not a particularly prolific poster as of yet, but hopefully that will change! I plan to continue with the alphabet series as well as write some book reviews for Wellesley Underground at some point. I’m also going to be going to LA next month so hopefully I’ll get some inspiration there for other pieces.