Here’s to 2015!

Hi! I hope everyone had a happy holiday, and that everyone has an even better new year.

First off, here‘s a piece I wrote for the Billfold that went up back in November. I had a lot of fun writing it– I’m an AmEx customer but it’s also been a bit of a hobby of mine to watch old AmEx commercials and look at old ads.

I only really got started writing this year, but it’s still been really fun.

Here‘s the one that started it all. I love writing for Wellesley Underground, and I did it a lot this year– my tag is here. I was recently named a contributor of WU, so look out for more things from me in the new year!

It was such an honor writing for the Toast. This was an intensely personal piece, and I loved all the support I got. Thank you all so much!

The Billfold has also been incredibly great. Aside from the AmEx piece, this was awesome to write, simply because I got to talk about the trip to LA that I took this summer. Hopefully I can write about it again!

I have a few pieces that I’m working on/retooling, and the plan is to get them up here or elsewhere. Either way, you’ll definitely be hearing from me!



A bit late…

…but I got published in the Toast last week! You can read it here. Writing it and seeing it get published and all the reactions to it have been an adventure. Thank you all for all your support!

And for those who are discovering this blog through that, welcome! I know I’m not a particularly prolific poster as of yet, but hopefully that will change! I plan to continue with the alphabet series as well as write some book reviews for Wellesley Underground at some point. I’m also going to be going to LA next month so hopefully I’ll get some inspiration there for other pieces.