D: Dreams

I’m starting this feature wherein I write various essays based off of a words starting with any letter of the alphabet. Clearly, I won’t be going in alphabetical order– rather, it will be just whatever word/letter strikes me at a given moment. I’m also thinking I might do three or four words per letter, and that these essays could be a little more informal and off-the-cuff than what I usually write and publish on here. This could be a long project, and at the present time it’s also not very well thought out. But for this, especially since I’ve had some weird dreams lately, I figured I’d start with the letter “D.” So, here you go.

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My Zumba Instructor

I can’t explain exactly how or why and, frankly, it doesn’t matter. But there have already been two occasions where I’ve had to take Zumba class while hungover. I don’t mind, though– really. The reason is mostly because of Austin (not his real name), my Zumba instructor.  Continue reading